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Elevating Work Platforms (EWP)

Just a quick post regarding EWPs, particularly scissor lifts.  It is a requirement for all persons in the basket to wear a correctly adjusted harness with a lanyard attached to an approved anchor point for boom type EWP.  This is not required for a scissor lift.

A risk assessement should be conducted having regard to the characteristics of the machine, the site and the work to be performed to determine whether a harness and lanyard may be required for persons in the basket of a scissor lift.  If the risk posed by some identified hazard is reduced or eliminated by using a harness and lanyard then these should be required.

Some organisations are implementing ‘blanket’ requirements for the use of harnesses and lanyards without proper identification of hazards and assessment of the risks involved in the use of scissor lifts.  There are circumstances where it is safer not to be tethered to the basket of these machines.  Using such blanket requirements under these circumstances may place operators at greater risk.

As always the risk assessment determines and documents the safest means of completing the task.

Working at Heights


1 Day


Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment and verification of competency photo card RIIWHS204D – Work Safely at Heights




The program provides learners and existing workers with skills and knowledge relating to working safely at heights in the resources and infrastructure industries. It includes identifying the work requirements, work procedures, and instructions for the task/s; accessing and installing equipment, performing work at heights and cleaning up the work area.

This course is recommended to be completed on a yearly basis to ensure currency of skill and knowledge.

Minimum age 15 years